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Camper Rental

Price: $150 per night - 2 night minimum 

BOOK TODAY (580) 969-0406

Ready to make smores by the campfire.jpg

Add On: Campfire Pkg $65 

Includes: Bundle of firewood, fire starter, marshmallows, marshmallow sticks, graham crackers, chocolate bars, hotdogs, and hotdog buns

Add On: Kayaks $50  

Per kayak. You get this for the whole duration of your stay.
Hamburgers in Grill

Add On: Grill Pkg $65

Includes: Grill, charcoal, lighter, 2lbs. hamburger meat, hamburger buns, Doritos (Cool Ranch & Cheese Nachos), cookies, onion, lettuce, and tomato. 
Breakfast at the Campsite

Add On: Breakfast Pkg. $50

Includes: Dozen eggs, 12oz. bacon, 1lb. sausage, pancake mix, oatmeal, syrup, butter, half gallon milk, orange juice, and coffee.
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Add On: Salut Pkg. $40

Includes: Case of water, (2) 12 pk sodas of your choice, a 12 pk of Gatorade, ice, and ice chest.
Screen Shot 2021-05-13 at 10.15.40

Add On: Generator $80

Includes: 4 gallons of fuel. Price is for the whole duration of your stay. 
Laptop Writing

Add On: WiFi Internet $40

Price is for the duration of your stay.
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